About Me

During my graduate years in Vienna, the last image lingering in my mind before falling asleep were vivid food photographs inside the first cookbook I owned, which was a gift from someone who witnessed my frustration trying to decipher German-dubbed English cooking shows. Those food photographs played like a slide show in my head and kept me awake - jeopardizing the fate of my already unpromising thesis paper - until I could decide what to cook the next day using my student's rudimentary kitchen utensils.

When I realized the captivating quality of tasteful food photographs, I turned my camera, which until then helped me master the art of cliché photography, to food. Pressing the release button in the end being the ultimate thrill, every step that led to the achievement of that final image, from recipe research and cooking to designing a tempting set-up, happened to be a combination of everything I was passionate about in life.

Although the name of my blog suggests so, I'm neither a gourmet nor is there anything special about my cooking. I cook and bake recipes that arouse my craving in books, magazines and other food blogs and make use of my family's southern-influenced cooking. I have nostalgia over Austrian, specifically Viennese cuisine and quite conflictingly, have vegetarian tendencies but not ready to give up chicken, fish and most of all, meatballs out of my diet just yet.

I live in Istanbul, the city I have a love-hate relationship with, predominantly the latter, with my two cats (as mandatory for food bloggers), work as a freelance food stylist and photographer, own a D700 - and still no Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

Thanks for stopping by!