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Mar 30, 2012

There were many times when I seriously questioned whether or not my blog's visitors value my blog posts and whether they actually read them. True, I let lags fall in between my posts frequently before but never for this long. In my Turkish blog, Gurme Mutfak Hikayeleri my disappearance for two months was taken with concern, perhaps by a few but still, I received some genuinely considerate messages inquiring my well-being and health. Not only did I not get any of those from this blog’s visitors, my absence wasn’t really noticed. Ah well, that’s life. Ignoring this indifference, I will nevertheless continue keeping my posts up to date because this is what writing a blog is all about, isn’t it?

EkmekStraight out from the fridge, I wrapped the bazlamas with cloth to create the illusion of freshness and warmness. Looks convincing?

So, this post titled "toast" which I wrote in January and felt too lazy to translate to English, signifies the turn of events in my life and the consequent changes in the settings I live in. As opposed to the life I used to lead, the life I was trying to adapt to not only lacked motivation to cook or write for my blog but also left me unwilling and incapable of keeping my regular eating routine. Shopping and utilizing my new unfamiliar kitchen seemed too burdensome. So what I did was to stock packs of these authentic bazlamas in my freezer and to have a box of sliced kaşar cheese and daily milk handy. While my most soothing friend, filtered coffee machine grunted and steamed, I prepared my effortless breakfast by quartering the bazlama bread, filling it with kaşar cheese and toasting it. This became my main source of nutrient not only for breakfast but for the remaining meals as well. And my mom doesn’t know it.

While I went through a somewhat difficult era of my life, this toast carried away my worries, not all, but at least those concerning what to cook and what to eat. This is why I named it 'the toast of consolation and happiness'. 

Kahve ve yeşil kırma zeytinFiltered black coffee and 'scratched' olives accompanied the toast for breakfast. 


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