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Yogurt and Frozen Yogurt With Caramel

May 14, 2010

Yogurt with Caramel  
Yogurt as a desert, is something we Turks are still trying to adapt to. Although plain yogurt is indispensable in our diet, eating it sweetened is a whole new adventure for us. I remember the first time I tasted fruit yogurt. It was just odd, felt something similar to drinking salty fruit juice or eating sweet sardines. By time, I got used to it like every other weird thing around me. But still, when I want to spoon something sweet and healthy, I go for plain yogurt topped with fruits and sweets, instead of a fully flavored or sweetened one. Compared to my distant relationship with sweet yogurt, my acquaintance with frozen yogurt was nothing but love at first sight. Once I tasted it, I got adapted, I became addicted. 

It's funny I never thought of making yogurt at home. To explore feasibility, I asked my mother if she ever made any and she told me, she always used a yogurt machine when I and my brother were kids. I don't have a yogurt machine but that was no obstacle. Thanks to Cathy Ytak and my accurate oven, I managed to ferment milk and end up with cups full of creamy, silky, %100 homemade yogurt.

Cathy Ytak kitap

Cathy Ytak's book, "Mes Petits Pots de Yaourt", full with cute and retro looking pictures, motivated me into rolling up my sleeves. The book is full with simple recipes that will seduce even the most passionate opponents of yogurt served as desert. I was a little worried and didn't expect fireworks in my first try but really, there was nothing to be afraid of. The result was undeniably delicious! My yogurt turned out so light and creamy with a surface covered with a thin layer of clotted milk and caramel waiting to be dipped, at the bottom. Just perfect.

To talk about the frozen yogurt that I made using the same caramel yogurt... A short episode will mean a thousand words: I presented it to my husband while he was talking about his day and he must have been carried away with his topic so he kept eating and eating but no word about my frozen yogurt. I asked worriedly if he liked it, he looked at me puzzled and said he thought he was eating his usual favorite Haegan Dazs, thats why he didn't think of making a comment!


Let me wrap up and show off with 3 French words to describe this Ytak' recipes: ces't pratique, ecologique et magnifique!

Homemade Yogurt

Recipe: "Mes Petits Pots de Yaourt" by Cathy Ytak


  • 1 liter whole milk*
  • 1 tablespoon yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons fresh cream


  1. Preheat your oven to 40 C/104 F.
  2. Heat milk on medium heat. Remove from heat when it is warm, but doesn't burn your finger when you dip it in for several seconds.
  3. Stir yogurt into milk.
  4. Add cream and whisk.
  5. Distribute evenly to jars.
  6. Place an oven rack in the middle and cook for 2 hours. At the end of 2 hours decrease the temperature to 0 and let the milk ferment for at least 6 hours. Do not open the oven door until the very end of the procedure.Chill and serve fresh.

*If you buy fresh milk, boil it first to kill germs, than let it cool down to the temperature described above.

Yogurt with Caramel


  • 100 gr caster sugar
  • 2 tablespoon water


  1. Combine sugar and water in a small pot. Simmer on high heat.
  2. Remove from heat when it turns brown. Distribute to glass jars.

Frozen Yogurt with Caramel

Makes 1 liter of ice cream


  • 1 tablespoon liquid caramel (or instead simply cook caramel like described above, with 1 tablespoon water and 1/4 cup of caster sugar)*
  • 120 gr fresh cream
  • 60 gr. caster sugar


  1. Combine in a bowl, your yogurt with caramel, fresh cream, caramel and caster sugar.
  2. Place in a sorbetiere or a glass bowl and place in freezer. In 4-5 hours your ice cream will be ready.
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